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Every marketing organization has webinars and seminars, almost always presented by people who are not active in the field, or they haven't put ink on an app in years, even decades. Too many of them have never sold an insurance policy or investment product in their life. Some tried, and failed, before Dilberting their selves into a salary job.

This is where Life Solutions differentiates itself from our competition:  One-on-one agent training.

Many years ago, we learned in a classroom, inside a career agency. We watched the recruiting revolving door spin at a dizzying pace. Now we know the truth behind the axiom:

"Hire 'em in masses, train 'em in classes, sell all their friends, and fire their asses."

Think about that phrase when your sales manager keeps asking about your Project 100. This is why some organizations keep preaching referrals to neophyte agents that aren't yet qualified to be referred to for financial advice. Do you refer your friends and family to a doctor that just graduated? Or an attorney that just sat for the bar? Of course not. Everyone wants, and deserves, to be referred to someone with expertise and competence earned from real world experience. We think referrals are great, once one is no longer wet behind the ears, and knows what they are doing. Before that, the managers and marketers that keep pounding on referrals as the 'Holy Grail' have an agenda reflective of the words highlighted in yellow above.

We conduct one-on-one agents training on a variety of topics, such as:

  • To Have and Have Not - Questions that lead to the life insurance sale without arm twisting 
  • The Treasure of the Sierra Madre - Questions that uncover hidden IRA and annuity sales opportunities

  • Dragnet - How to conduct a fact-finding interview
  • Getting Ink on Paper - How to conduct a closing interview
  • Double Your Production - How to conduct both fact finding and closing interviews in the same meeting, while increasing your closing ratio
  • Pennies in the bucket to get out a dollar - How people who have a lot of money buy their life insurance - a lesson in the difference between owners vs. renters
  • Retail vs. Wholesale - How to present and close a buy-sell funding case, eliminating the competition
  • Four Question Life Insurance Presentation - How to present and close life insurance in a few minutes
  • Three Ways to Pay - Help clients choose the RIGHT kind of life insurance for their situation
  • Two Ways to Pay - An additional option that dovetails with the famous Three Ways to Pay
  • Job A vs. Job B - How to present and close Disability Income Insurance
  • The Maltese Falcon - How to design a cash value rich life insurance plan for Tax Free Retirement without selling your soul
  • Income Optimization - How to use annuities during retirement to solve the problem nothing else solves
  • Split Annuities - How to design several split annuity concepts, for income, growth, and principal preservation
  • The Tough Decision - How to sell the Pension Maximization concept to clients that have a Defined Benefit Pension Plan
  • The Logical Decision - How to handle the Term vs. Permanent debate so that you make the sale every time 
  • Mortgage Acceleration - How to use cash value life insurance to save thousands of dollars in mortgage interest payments
  • Found Money - Simple sales ideas that client's love when they have a lump sum of money
  • When the Legacy is Land - Life insurance and estate planning for farmers, ranchers, and larger parcel land owners
  • The Counterintuitive Approach - How to differentiate yourself from your competition in a market that is saturated with noise in the communication process
  • The Referral Myth - Many marketing organizations preach referrals as the Map to Cibola, Holy Grail, Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow, but there's more to the story
  • The No Cost Marketing Method - How to build a book of business with a budget of zero
  • RMD Max - How to move millions in IRA assets at the perfect time with the perfect solution
  • The Life Insurance Review - How to uncover the largest sales opportunities you will ever find by asking a few simple questions
  • The Columbo Close - Increase your sales by leveraging your prospecting activity
  • Lifeboat - How to sell Key Person insurance
  • Winning the Lottery - How to handle the client that receives a windfall, be it the lottery, an inheritance, or a settlement from litigation
  • Boiler Room - How to survive and thrive in a wirehouse or Broker/Dealer branch office
  • The Right Stuff - How to survive and thrive in a career life insurance agency so that you're prepared to go independent
  • Lost in Translation - How to communicate complex topics using simple language
  • The Grass is Greener - How to maximize your earnings and avoid difusion
  • The Full Monty - Dealing with friends and family when they disagree with your career choice
  • Glenngary Glenn Ross - How to find the "good leads" without resorting to a life of crime
  • Double Jeopardy - The pros and cons of being a Registered Representative
  • The Usual Suspects - How to deal with anti-sales compliance people
  • Double Indemnity - Understanding riders on insurance policies, when to use them, and when not to - special focus on non-commissionable blends and waiver of premium
  • Road to Perdition - How to deal with pikers that focus on compensation rather than value added in the marketplace (in other words, how to successfully defeat the fee-only failed planner)

These one-on-one training sessions are on a first-come, first-serve basis, and availability is limited to active producers, so call today (800) 680-5596 to get appointed and schedule your sessions.



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