Critical Illness Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance - Critical Illness Insurance

We offer our agents the following critical illness and specified disease insurance products for individuals and families:

  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Cancer Insurance
  • Heart Attack / Stroke Insurance

These products are also available on a list bill basis for group voluntary sales.

Who needs critical illness insurance?

It's difficult to predict if and when a client will suffer a critical illness, however, if your clients fit one of the following descriptions, then you may want to offer critical illness insurance:

  • High income precludes a client from purchasing enough disability to meet their needs
  • High-risk profession prevents qualification for traditional disability coverage
  • Clients that have a high medical deductible (i.e., Obamacare Metallic Bronze or Silver)
  • Clients that don't have health insurance
  • Clients that are parents
  • Clients that are self-employed
  • Clients that are homemakers

Advanced Underwriting - Opportunities for you to help your clients:

  • Funding for Buy/Sell agreements - where a critical illness prevents an owner from active participation in a business, triggering a buy/sell agreement.
  • Sole Proprietors and Self-Employed - where there's no immediate buyer for the business, or no intrinsic business value. Critical illness can help fund early retirement due to sickness, and prevent presenteeism that can be detrimental to a client's recovery from illness.
  • Profit Protection & Key Person Protection - A critical illness can prevent key people from contributing to the bottom line. Owners and business stakeholders can benefit from a lump sum of cash to replace profits and revenue during an insured's recovery from a critical illness.

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