Life Insurance
Life Insurance - Life Insurance

Life Solutions offers the following menu of life insurance products to our agents and brokers:

Term Life Insurance

  • ART - Annual Renewable Term - Our lowest starting premium
  • 10, 15, 20, and 30 Year Level Term
  • Accidental Death Insurance - Guaranteed Issue
  • Ask us about "Term to Term Conversions" and "Conversion Credits"

Universal Life Insurance

  • IUL - Indexed Universal Life
  • GUL - Guaranteed Universal Life
  • CAUL - Current Assumption Universal Life (interest sensitive)

Whole Life Insurance

  • Participating, with Paid-Up Additions rider
  • Non-participating
  • Graded Benefit 
  • Single Premium

Many of these products are available on a simplified issue or non-medical basis, as well as on a list bill for payroll deduction sales.

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