Long Term Care Insurance
Long Term Care Insurance - Long Term Care Insurance

Life Solutions offers our agents and brokers the following insurance products to help their clients protect their assets during the need for Long Term Care:

  • Tax-Qualified Long Term Care Insurance
  • Partnership Qualified Long Term Care Insurance
  • Short Term Care Insurance
  • Single premium deferred annuity with long-term care benefits
  • Single premium life insurance with long-term care benefits
  • Term, UL, GUL, Indexed UL and Whole Life with Accelerated Benefit Riders that can provide funds for Long Term Care
  • Medically Underwritten Immediate Annuities
  • Single Premium Immediate Annuities with after-issue payment increases for Critical and Chronic Illness, or Long Term Care

Some of these products are available on a simplified issue and guaranteed issue basis, with substantial discounts, for employer sponsored and voluntary payroll deduction programs.

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