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If you're like most agents, you probably struggle sometimes, especially when you're a new agent (and by "new," I mean "less than five years of production").

Over two decades ago, when I was a newer agent, over 80% of new life premium was produced by career agents, with most of the remainder produced by independent brokers. Today, the ratio has reversed, with 80% of new life premium coming from independent brokers, and the career channel producing less than 20% (a few odd percentage points come from the Internet, direct marketing, and other alternative channels of distribution that always fail to produce substantial volume).

What this means to you is that the fertile agent training ground that existed in the career agent distribution channel is drying up, and in most communities, there's literally no place to go work and learn the life insurance business. This is unfortunate, as the need and demand for the solutions to life's problems that we can best solve are higher now than ever before, yet we have little real competition.

Life insurance remains a product that is sold, not bought. For over 100 years, home offices have sought to replace agents with direct-to-consumer distribution, and have failed miserably. LIMRA studies show, over and over, year after year, that the ovewhelming bulk of people who shop online do not purchase online, when it comes to life insurance. On the other hand, the overwhelming majority of people who meet with an agent face-to-face will buy from that agent. Round figures, there's 20% of the population that aren't going to buy from an agent, mostly because there's something wrong with them -- they are sick, seek to deceive the insurance company, or otherwise distrust all agents regardless of our record of ethics and good moral character. We cannot fix these people.

We can, on the other hand, help the 80% who will meet with us, but we must initiate the process. This business is about prospecting. That's the job. Home offices do marketing, any clerk can sell life insurance and fill out an app, but the real money in this business is in prospecting. Rainmakers rule this part of the world of finance. Everyone else serves us.

The self-annointed social media gurus, most of whom have never sold anything in their life, will argue with me. The sales systems peddlers will brow beat us all with why it's a good idea for you to part with hundreds and thousands of your hard earned dollars to buy their "easy way to success" or "secret map to Cibola." There are legions of failed planners who like to disagree with everything I say, and I hope that never changes. I sure don't want to join their large club of people who have let this business stomp a mudhole in their arse, before walking it dry.

If you peel back the onion, you'll find that most sales systems are designed and peddled by failed planners and failed agents (or worse, by people who never had the gumption to actually suit up, who've never even sold the products that you sell - I despise these charlatans).

This is where I can help you more than almost any other brokerage agency:  Mentoring.

Unlike my competition, I'm still in personal production. I go out and prospect every day, and I sell something every day. I'm not parroting the mantras of failed planners, or offering home office marketing programs that were designed by people that can't sell their self out of a wet paper bag. I learned from a master, who himself learned from a master, going back to the birth of the real financial planning process, where results matter. Most of what I know is not taught by home offices anywhere, and there are no schools that teach the truth about how to succeed in the craft of advice using the consultative sales process, where the profit comes from getting ink on paper.

If you want monkey level analysis and a cheap insurance spreadsheet factory, I cannot help you. I don't teach order taking clerks that refuse to rise above the entry level methods of competing on price alone. I coach professional agents who have a fiery desire to succeed, and show them how to blow the doors off their competition by drilling down to what matters.

If you're happy writing 10 apps per month, you can hang your shingle anywhere. If you want to learn how to write 10 apps before lunch, then give me a call.

Warning: I'm serious about this business, I expect you to be, too. If you're serious about getting the job done, about doing well by doing good, if you want to reach your next level of success, let's talk.

Call (800) 680-5596. If you get my voice mail, leave me a message, and I'll be sure to call you back.


Brent D. Gardner, CLU, ChFC
National Sales Manager 


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