Agent Reward Program - Pension Sales
Pension Plans - Pension Plans

Free Pension Installation and Administration - for YOU!

Are you an independent agent and need your own retirement plan? We have a solution for you!

Agent Rewards for Pension Sales:

  • No installation charges on your own pension plan! This includes 401(k) plans, profit sharing, as well as defined benefit plans, if you want the Cadillac plan.
  • Free annual administration on your own plan! If you have two other active 401(k) or pension plan customers with American National, then your annual fees are waived!

Already have a plan? Don't worry! If you already have two other active plans in force that we administer, we will begin waiving the annual fee on your plan for the 2011 plan year!

Put more money away for retirement by having free administration of your plan each year!

This can save you up to $2,000 per year!

If you're not selling 401(k) plans and pensions to your business owner and self-employed clients, then someone else is. Let us help you leverage your existing relationships. Plus:

  • More revenue for you and your agency!
  • Tax savings for your clients!
  • Stronger client relationships!
  • Increase your regular client contact that leads to more cross-selling opportunities!
You can get a FREE proposal online by clicking here or by completing a written fact finder and faxing it in. Click here for the fact finder.

If you have questions, or need to get contracted, call today (800) 680-5596 or click on the contact link in the site menu.


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