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How to Sell The Right Kind of Life Insurance

There is a very easy way to identify who wants permanent life insurance. This method can be used to convert term buyers into permanent buyers. This method helps people choose between lifetime pay and limited pay. It also helps them determne if they want cash values, or just permanent death benefits. This presentation is so effective that agents that use it for the first time always ask the same question "Why don't home offices teach this?"

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DI Presentation: Job A vs. Job B

Do you need a Disability Income insurance presentation? How about one that fits on one page and can close a case without running a quote?

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Universal Life (UL) Death Benefit Option C

Most agents know the difference between the most common death benefit options on Universal Life insurance:  Level Death Benefit (Option A) and Increasing Death Benefit (Option B). Some companies offer additional death benefit options, such as Death Benefit Option C.

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High First Year Cash Values

Do your client's need a policy with very high first year cash values? How about a policy that has delivered over 100% cash surrender value after one policy year?

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Annuity Ladder

An annuity ladder, much like a bond ladder or CD ladder, is fairly simple. The amateur agent sells one annuity policy that pays the highest advertised rate. The professional agent recommends a portfolio of annuity policies that best meets the needs and wants of the client.

For example - Client needs/wants income, but is concerned about low rates of fixed annuities, and doesn't want to be stuck earning a low rate if interest rates were to rise.

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